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Price of Fulfillment

The Destruction of the Uinta River Basin [40° 40’ 16.4280’’ N and 111° 7’ 32.0592’’ W]
Tags: Application Design, Mapping, IoT, Data Personalization

Toolkits: Adobe After Effects, Sketch, ArcGIS, Processing, UI/UX Design, Figma

This investigation explores the realities of land ownership, food resources, policy enactment, and how the natural ecosystems play into the energy harvesting systems of the industrialized world.

Taking place in the Uinta River Basin of Utah and Colorado, the Price of Fulfillment is an interactive map examining the impacts of policy changes proposed by the Bureau of Land Management under the Trump Administration. The application targets an audience of people organizing protests in the basin - protests that focus on the industries of oil and gas mining and the destruction of the Sage Grouses habitat.

The deregulation of this land speculates the economy that will soon emerge, governed by ‘big’ oil. The area is a point of interest because of its tar sand deposits that can be strip-mined for Bitumen. Given the highly lucrative nature of strip mining, there is a play by foreign governments to utilize this land for profit. Not only does the process of strip mining for Bitumen release hydrocarbons into the atmosphere and do irreparable damage to landscape, it also wipes out entire ecosystems.

The interactive map sequence starts at the 30,000-foot scale. This orients the user to the states that are being examined, as well as the largeness of energy consumption that is taking place within the US. The user can investigate the layers that are present, compare data sets, and visualize how these overlay on existing terrain or infrastructures.

Regarding the Greater-Sage Grouse and the species’ habitat, the mapping platform has auto-embedded data comparisons of oil and gas well locations and how much damage they are incurring on the grouses’ habitat. The map itself has the functionality to zoom in and out of scales to allow the user to understand the data comparison in finer detail.

Rhode Island School of Design; Graduate Seminar: Climate Crisis + Design

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